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Siriustaff Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Newest Members


 If you are looking for a puppy please feel free to get in touch as I may know of friends litters available and will be able to give you details.Or you can get in touch with SBT clubs that may know of littters from their members, and will also have details of any rescue organisation you could get in touch with if you want to help a rescue find a forever home.

Our Litters

Please be advised our litters are all Endorsed


All puppy owners will be asked to sign a contract of sale before a pup will be allowed to go home with them.

We will ask lots of questions to make sure you and the pup you have chosen are suited to one another. Please do not be offended as this is to safe guard the pup as well as yourselves against any wrong decisions which may disrupt the pup and your own family.