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Siriustaff Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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Below are introductions to our dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known widely as the nanny dog and after having them in my household while my children have grown from toddlers to teenagers I would wholeheartedly agree with that statement. 


 Bea arrived in July 2014 aged 8 weeks. She entered the show ring in the November of 2014 and has been consistantly placed both in Open and Championship shows.

Bea gained her JW (subject to KC approval) in August 2015 aged 15 months.

 She passed her Bronze Good Citizen Test in Oct 2014 and will start to work towards the silver award very soon

She is a very loving little girl with a bucket full of character.


 Photo by Bev Harrison all rights reserverd 


Boss came to us aged 8 weeks in May 2008, he entered into the showing ring aged 6 months and did reasonably well gaining his ShCM in November 2010 and his SBN in Nov 2013.

He has now reached the age where he can enter the veteran classes so will still be popping along with Bea to the odd show here and there.

Boss has also passed all of his Good Citizen tests from Foundation to Gold 


He has also passed all the Good Citizen Obedience tests from Foundation to Gold

 Photo by Bev Harrison all rights reserverd 

 Coco is owned by my daughter Kara. Coco is a very timid little girl whilst she is quiet happy to play and meet with people and other dogs when she is being stacked she tends to shy away.

Unfortunately Coco was discovered to have PPSC March 2014.

She will remain with my daughter as a family pet growing up with her children

RIP beautiful babies x

Our babies who can no longer be with us, always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts x


 Boots - 26/07/02 - 7/03/08

Angel - 12/04/04 - 28/01/11

 Star - 18/10/01 - 29/05/12